AIDUS Coin, Successfully Raises Investment from CoinBene, the World’s Leading Exchange

December 10 21:45 2018

Despite the recent stagnant cryptocurrency market, AIDUS project ( has become a hot topic in the industry, getting investment from CoinBene, one of the world’s leading exchanges, which would be a paradigm-shifting event.

AIDUS project (AISYS GLOBAL PTE.LTD.) is building the AIDUS Decentralized Fund Platform (ADFP), where users can only subscribe to funds via AIDUS coin. ADFP is the platform to connect investors and asset management companies with AIDUS coin without barriers of borders, language, currency.

The most important part of the ADFP is the Smart QTS (Quant Trading System), which boasts an annual average return of 100% (as of December 1, 2018). Smart QTS is an automated trading program that has been validated through more than 15 years of development and over four years of operational performance. The weekly returns are confirmed by law firms and accounting firms.

Practically applicated in real life, AngelVest, one of the largest venture investment groups in Shanghai, China, currently generates about 120% of annual return on a pilot fund, which is operated by using Smart QTS.

With the current rate of return, the value of AIDUS coin is expected to rise steadily.

Since there is no system that yields the same rate as Smart QTS in the current fund market, many investors have to buy AIDUS COIN to join the fund through ADFP. Especially, since the number of AIDUS COIN is limited and the demand for the coin will increase as the fund expands, the price is expected to rise steadily.

In addition, because asset management companies have to return profit with initials to investors, the firms have to purchase AIDUS coin. As demand is expected to continually rise while supplies are in shortage, the price of AIDUS coin is expected to sharply rise.

AIDUS releases weekly returns of Smart QTS, which will play a critical role in ADPF, with certification by law firms and accounting firms every week at, confirming its transparent operating policy.

Through these core technologies, AIDUS COIN would be is evaluated as a coin with the world’s best Fundamental, the world’s first Non-Zero value coin, and the world’s first coin traded in the real market. It is expected to become the new standard of cryptocurrency.

Although the value of AIDUS is well appreciated by various professional organizations and investors, CoinBene, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, has been most interested in the AIDUS entailing a MOU for collaborating as a listed and trading currency onsite in the 2018 November, 9th AIDUS Meetup in Hong Kong.


Following up, CoinBene has decided to invest in AIDUS. This kind of direct investment is an hard to find in the current cryptocurrency market, showing CoinBene’s confidence in AIDUS coin.

Investment contract ceremony between CoinBene and AISYS GLOBAL. Left: CoinBene CMO Daniel Lee. Right: AISYS GLOBAL Founder Ted Min

Also, AIDUS coin’s IEO is scheduled from December 14, 2018 to December 31, 2018 through CoinBene.

In fact, AIDUS has been in the market for a very short period of time. In just one month since their international debut in the Hong Kong Meetup on November 9th, the growth of interest in AIDUS is unprecedented.

The differences between the business model of AIDUS COIN and other cryptocurrencies are:

1. AIDUS coin can provide investors the gates to high yield funds of asset management companies without border, time and foreign exchange barriers.

2. AIDUS provides Smart QTS to asset management companies and provides stable returns to investors at the highest level of return.

3. AIDUS coin value is expected to rise steadily as investors purchase more AIDUS coin due to stable profitability while asset management companies must purchase AIDUS coin to return profits to investors.

Presently, AISYS GLOBAL PTE. LTD. has held Meetups for the AIDUS Project started from the Hong Kong Meetup on November 9th, 2018, followed by meetups in Beijing, Tokyo, Manila and Seoul. US and Brazil meetups are planned.

Ted Min, Founder of AISYS GLOBAL PTE. LTD., stated, “Through the investment agreement with CoinBene, We believe that all participants who invested in AIDUS will be more confident in the AIDUS Project. More people will be informed about the AIDUS Project through strategic marketing and overseas meetups.”

More information on AIDUS coin can be found in the White Paper on

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