Senmer News Wire Launches One New Service To Repost Products Articles to More Than 15+ Platforms

June 02 19:09 2020
Senmer News Wire has developed this service for online shop owners and bloggers. This service also works for Shopify, Amazon stores. This service will help to repost products or articles to more than 15 platforms, includes web2.0 blog, social sites, photo album, bookmaking sites etc.

With the rapid development of logistics, especially international logistics, more and more people are used to buying what they need through the Internet. Similarly, many businesses are starting to get involved in cross-border e-commerce. They sell high-quality products to global customers at lower prices through their own online stores or other online shopping platforms!

Senmer News Wire also offers White Label Press Release Distribution for resellers and agents

However, how to let potential customers know and visit their online store is a big problem for most online store owners! Just a few store owners know how to promote their online store, most just wait for customers to come to the door. But this will not work in the Internet age! More and more online shop owners are beginning to seek online promotion services.

Senmer News Wire has been engaged in website promotion services since 2012 and has provided quality services to thousands of global clients. At present, they are mainly engaged in press release distribution services. They will publish clients’ press releases on the Internet, and search engines will index these press releases. Potential customers can reach the client’s website via searching theses press releases in a search engine,  This press release distribution service has been widely praised by clients. Many customers will repeatedly purchase this service regularly!

Repost Products/articles To Web2.0 + Social Sites + Photo Sites + Bookmark Sites

Now, for the online store, Senmer News Wire launched a new service – “Repost Products/articles To Web2.0 + Social Sites + Photo Sites + Bookmark Sites”. This service is also suitable for bloggers! Customers only need to provide the URL, Senmer will collect and process products or articles information, and then publish them at a certain frequency. The data will be published on 15 platforms, including web2.0 blogging platforms (, google blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, Livejournal), social networking sites (Facebook fanpage, twitter, Linkedin, VK, etc), picture sites (Pinterest, Flicker, etc), bookmark stations (Digg, Plurk, Instapaper, Pocket, etc). The diversification of publishing platforms can effectively improve the efficiency of promotion while ensuring safety!

About Senmer News Wire

Senmer News Wire started in 2012, its main business is the press release distribution service. Senmer News Wire also offers White Label Press Release Distribution for resellers and agents. They have provided quality services to thousands of clients and been trusted by customers with its excellent service! Senmer News Wire hopes that the new service can satisfy customers and provide customers with the best quality site promotion services. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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