Wayzata Bay Charters Acquires Lake Minnetonka Charter Boats in Exclusive Deal

February 14 05:24 2018

Excelsior, MN – In an exclusive deal, Wayzata Bay Charters in Excelsior is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Lake Minnetonka Charter Boats, formerly owned by Bayview Events Center and Charter Cruises.

Boats belonging to Bayview Events Center and Charter Cruises have been sitting idle since the company closed its doors in October, 2016.  In a plan to put these vessels back into operation by spring, Wayzata bay Charters purchased the remaining boats late last year. 

This acquisition will be a big boost to Wayzata Bay Charters’ ability to accommodate both public and private groups on Lake Minnetonka.  With 3 newly acquired vessels, the company’s fleet will increase their per boat capacity for 60 to 115 passengers. 

Wayzata Bay Charters has been operating from the Bayview Events Center at 687 Excelsior Boulevard for the past 17 years.  With their newly acquired boats, they will continue to operate at this facility into the future.  Owner Mark Peet says, “Being able to operate these 3 boats at the same location is huge, as we have our own parking facility directly across the street from the docks.  Other operators use the public docks for loading and unloading, which means parking can be six to ten blocks away.  With our own docks for boarding, passengers won’t have to wait for room at the city docks to open up,” Peet continues.  “We are excited to continue operating, with our expanded fleet, at the same location we’ve been at for the past 17 years.  It will ensure a much more enjoyable experience for anyone hosting a Lake Minnetonka event or for anyone going on a public cruise.”

Wayzata Bay Charters operates private cruises for corporate and company events, wedding cruises, birthdays, anniversaries, grooms dinners and any other type of private cruise event.  The company also operates Lake Minnetonka Sightseeing and Dinner Public Cruises 3 to 4 days per week.

The fleet consists of 3 luxury Skipperliner brand boats.  “Voyager,” the first vessel, is a 56 foot long, two-level yacht with digital satellite radio, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and seating for up to 60 guests.  The second vessel, “Elixir,” is 60 foot long, two-level yacht with solid Mahogany wood and granite buffet/bar, digital TV, satellite radio, Wi-Fi and seating for up to 60 guests.  The largest boat in the fleet is named, “Her Excellency” and is a 70 foot Skipperliner with 2 decks, satellite radio, digital TV, Wi-Fi and seating for up to 115 guests.

For more information about the fleet, or information about booking, please visit the company’s website at www.wayzatabaycharters.com.

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